Formed in 2006, Automelodi is a constantly evolving project based around the solo work of songwriter/producer Xavier Paradis. With a career that spans over two decades, Paradis is a well-established figure in Montreal’s dense electronic music culture, releasing over time with various projects, performance line-ups, or under different monikers such as Arnaud Lazlaud. He also collaborates with artists like Liz Wendelbo (of Xeno & Oaklander) as the duo Liz and László, as well as Latvian Producer Dmitry Distant.

Automelodi’s music embraces and re-contextualizes a spectrum of influences that include the lesser-known European synthpop and post-punk of the latter Twentieth Century, combined with literary stylizations reminiscent of Gallic songwriters such as Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Fontaine—with nearly all vocals delivered in French. Following the self-released first EP, an eponymous album was released in 2010 by the now defunct Brooklyn label Wierd Records. The second LP, Surlendemains acides, was released in digital format in 2013. A third LP, Mirages au futur verre-brisé was released in 2019 on Austin's Holodeck Records. The release was followed that same year by an extensive tour of Europe and a partial tour of the USA in early 2020.

In parallel to his work as Automelodi, Paradis has also been very active over the past two decades as a music producer.