In parallel to his work as a singer and songwriter, Xavier Paradis has also been active for two decades as a music producer.

Being fascinated since his teenage years by synthesizers, sequencers and other musical instruments, he started developing during the mid-90s his own modest home-studio (a concept that was then relatively new), prior to moving on studying computer assisted sound design. The combination of this academic baggage with the experience and aesthetic developed through personal projects such as Arnaud Lazlaud and then Automelodi rapidly became an asset, sought after by artists from diverse musical scenes ranging from synth-pop to indie-rock and garnering interest from some music supervisors for film productions.


Paradis's work can be heard on releases by a growing number of artists and projects, such as Plaza Musique, Violence, The Harrow and Bootblacks. Please visit the Portfolio section for an overview of recent projects, audio samples and other details.

Rates and Availability

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