Mixing and remixing

Mixing (and remixing) is without a doubt one of Paradis's favourite areas of specialization within the realm of music production.

Every project, whether it be an LP, EP or single, is generally approached as an artistic concept that should be the ideal expression or extension (...or the reinterpretation in the case of remixes) of the material already recorded. A great amount of attention is paid to the dynamic relationship between the various timbres and a musical composition's lyrical qualities (especially in the case of songs), in line with the aesthetic direction chosen with the artists and clients. As a long-time enthusiast of the studio as an instrument concept, Paradis has a special fondness for very cinematic atmospheres, but is also apt at mixing with a more direct and transparent style depending on a project's nature.


Paradis's work can be heard on releases by a growing number of artists and projects, such as Plaza Musique, Violence, The Harrow and Bootblacks. Please visit the Portfolio section for an overview of recent projects, audio samples and other details.

Rates and Availability

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